From NPR June 12, 2013
1)      Laura Donahue is Virginia State Director of the Humane Society for the United States.  Her group sent 2,000 negative comments to the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries during a comment period, which ended June first.  (Most comments were from out of state, Northern Virginia or a form letter.)

2)      “The group’s goal is to place a moratorium on the practice she calls fox penning, which began in Virginia in the 1980s.” ( According to the HSUS website, the group’s goal is to do away with preserves, hunting with dogs and hunt clubs.)

3)       “The majority of Virginians had no idea, with the exception of the small amount of individuals that participate in this practice, that this was even going on.” (Virginia has a 50% turnover rate with an extremely ever
growing urban population that knows nothing about rural Virginia or hunting with dogs.”

4)       You know really, when the Humane society of the United States started talking about this issue a few years ago it was really the first time that the public at large heard about this so I think that’s why it’s gone on for so long because it’s just been in the shadows.  And I certainly don’t think it can stand the light of day.” ( HSUS brought it to the attention of the “crying lady, screaming cayote commercials and extreme lies in an effort to raise money to pay for it’s national staff.”

5)      “Donahue says it’s not enough.”  (What? Not enough money, not enough personal publicity or not enough people biting into their lies?)

6)      “So the existing regulations that have been advertised, that they are considering, are pretty meaningless and our members and supporters have been, you know, urging them to consider some additional regulations such as requiring muzzles for the dogs.  (DGIF response: Muzzles are not recommended for dogs that are unattended, and most foxhounds will be out of view of the owners when training. The muzzles would almost certainly affect the dog’s ability to bark and they would likely affect some dog’s behavior. Although most dogs can drink with certain types of muzzles on, they need to “learn” to do so.

7)      Bottom line – HSUS needs a win and the only win for the gipper – Is Senator Marsden their gipper?